Our Team

A “Straight Talk. Fair Deal.” team of employees

When you call us during business hours, a real live person answers the phone - not an automated voicemail system.  
If we can't answer your question, we'll ask the person who can to join the call - we won't transfer you. You can count on 
a highly personalized banking experience and an honest, forthright team of employees that are genuinely interested in 
meeting your individual needs.

Now that's a bank worth talking to!

Board of Directors

(Back Left to Right): Howard Sevey, Richard Anzelc, Roger Gifford - Chair, John Witherspoon & James Austin

(Front Left to Right): Warren Shay - Clerk, Claire Theriault-Perkins

Senior Management

(Back, From L-R) Barry Martin, SVP Chief Human Resources Officer; John Witherspoon, President & CEO; Dan Tilton, SVP Sales & Customer Service

(Front, From L-R) Steve Thomas, SVP Senior Commercial Lender; Vicki Alward, SVP Chief Risk Officer; David Cyr, EVP; Barbara Cotta, SVP Chief Operations Officer; Richard St. Pierre, SVP Chief Financial Officer


Community Bankers

Christopher Farmer

VP Regional Community Banker
Franklin County
Phone: 207.858.1902
Fax: 207.858.1994
NMLS 1663936

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Donna Mills-Stevens

VP Regional Community Banker
Kennebec County
Phone: 207.858.2601
Fax: 207.858.2741
NMLS 857240

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Donna Fortin

VP Deposit Relations Manager
Phone: 207.858.2556
Fax: 207.858.2756
NMLS 1025836

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Jack Ducharme

AVP Community Banker, Somerset County
Phone: 207.858.2572
Fax: 207.858.2772
NMLS 814005

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Jessica Everett

Community Banker, Kennebec County
Phone: 207.858.2583
Fax: 207.858.2783
NMLS 869092

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Cynthia Gilmore

Community Banker, Franklin County
Phone: 207.858.1911
Fax: 207.858.1991
NMLS 713002

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Karen Hart

AVP Community Banker, Somerset County
Phone: 207.858.2550
Fax: 207.858.2750
NMLS 1025837

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Renee Hawthorne

Community Banker, Kennebec County
Phone: 207.858.2671
Fax: 207.858.2687
NMLS 596465

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Shelly Lowell

Community Banker, Franklin County
Phone: 207.858.1901
Fax: 207.858.1990
NMLS 713025

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Angel Quick

Community Banker
Phone: 207.858.2601
Fax: 207.858.2681
NMLS 596466

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Commercial Bankers

David Cyr


All Branches
Phone: 207.858.2594
Fax: 207.858.2794

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Steve Thomas

SVP Senior Commercial Lender

All Branches
Phone: 207.858.2564
Fax: 207.858.2764

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Debbie Knox


All Branches
Phone: 207.858.2544
Fax: 207.858.2744

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Meghan Loubier

All Branches
Phone: 207.858.2611
Fax: 207.858.2680
NMLS 596464

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Kurt Maynard


All Branches
Phone: 207.858.2573
Fax: 207.858.2773

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Tim Michalak


All Branches
Phone: 207.858.2577
Fax: 207.858.2777

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Lindsey Alley

Commercial Portfolio Manager

All Branches
Phone: 207.858.2514
Fax: 207.858.2714

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